Eight Local Schools in the Dark

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It may have been a burden for school authorities, but for the students it was like a day of recess.

Kathy Kidd, Principle of Lucille Moore, said, "The kids are doing fine, the teachers are fine, they have a lot of windows open and they're sitting outside, it's really nice outside, there's a nice breeze, so I think they're all doing fine."

The schools lost power Monday night, but with the help of emergency crews, most got power back either Tuesday morning or by mid-afternoon.

These eight schools now have power back:

- Lucille Moore Elementary
- Margaret K. Lewis Center
- Cherry Street Elementary
- Emerald Bay Academy
- St. Andrews Elementary
- AD Harris High School
- Millville Elementary,
- Oakland Terrace Elementary

The schools did have running water and toilet use throughout the day, and because of that the superintendent's office decided to allow classes to continue.

James McCalister, Bay County Superintendent, said, "We didn't want to transport students back home without notification, then have the students there at home by themselves. That was not an option."

Each school that lost power had buses with air conditioning ready outside in case of an emergency, and bag lunches to feed all students.

Barbara Hardy, Margaret K. Lewis Principal, said, "Things are going well. We have food that we get from Haney, we get the food and everything, so we'll have as normal of a day as we can under this circumstance."

This may have been a little wake up call for the hurricane season coming in less than three weeks. All Bay County schools will be up and running as usual Wednesday.