McMillan Protest

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Two years ago a Chipley police responded to a 9-1-1 call to find a man shot in the chest with a 22-caliber pistol. That man, Scott McMillan, died a few hours after arriving at the hospital.

There was never an arrest and his family is blaming the state attorney's office for keeping them in the dark.

Margaret Robbirds' son, Scott McMillan, died of gunshot wound a year ago. It was Mother’s Day, and two years later she's still asking for answers surrounding the death of her son.

Margaret Robbirds said, "I've never had a victims’ advocate provide any service to me, so that makes me wonder. Unless they charge somebody, you're no victim. We're still victims whether or not they ever charge a killer with it."

Robbirds, her husband, and their pastor paraded in front of state attorney Steve Meadows’ office Tuesday morning as a form of protest. They say as victims, they're entitled to a speedy process.

There is nothing timely and speedy about two years with no arrest, avoiding the family, refuse to return a phone call, refuse to answer a letter.

McMillan’s live-in girlfriend, Renee Konstinos, made the 9-1-1 call that Sunday morning. The couple had a history of domestic violence. At the time police would not confirm if there were any signs of abuse.

State attorney officials say this is an ongoing investigation and there is not enough evidence to make an arrest or charge anyone at this time.

Joe Grammer, Deputy Chief, State Attorney, said, “We have I believe made the services of a victim advocate available such as they can provide, but again there's not a criminal case at this point.”

The Chipley Police Department is the lead investigating agency on this case.