Local Man and Company Indicted in Fish Scam

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also known as ICE, joined other agencies in nabbing some local businesses for allegedly illegally importing and selling fish.

Two Panama City seafood importers and the managers of the businesses, along with a number of Vietnam catfish suppliers, are facing numerous indictments.

Included in the indictments are Danny Nguyen and his company Panhandle Seafood from Panama City.

Investigators say they're all charged with fraudulently mislabeling the fish. They claim the fish were caught off the U.S. and Canada when in reality the charges claim the fish were imported from Vietnam.

The indictment also charges they tried to pass off Vietnamese catfish as more expensive grouper. The company reportedly sold more than one million pounds of the illegal fish.

The frozen fish were distributed in seafood markets in the United States and Canada.