Arrest Made in Wewahitchka Murder

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The Gulf County Sheriff's Office has arrested a suspected killer.

Random Matthew Jackson is charged with the September 2005 murder of Justin Jay Curcie in Wewahitchka. Curcie's remains were scattered over a two mile wooded area, and it took the medical examiner's office seven months to identify him.

It has taken even longer to identify a suspect, but they believe they have their man.

On September 12, 2005, Gulf County sheriff's deputies found the remains of Justin Curcie scattered through a two mile wooded area in Wewahitchka. Three years later, they have finally made an arrest.

Random Matthew Jackson, 22 years old, of Wewahitchka, was arrested today on an open count of murder.

Joe Nugent, Gulf County Sheriff, said, “Investigators from the Gulf County Sheriff's Office and Florida Department of Law Enforcement served the arrest warrant on Jackson at Washington County Correctional Institute where Jackson is being held on unrelated charges."

Sheriff Nugent says arresting Jackson was not a random move.

"It's been ongoing. He's been a suspect almost from the very beginning. We've eliminated several other suspects. We've just been working down the road and trying to get everything aligned and we finally got enough witnesses together that we feel we have a very good case."

The Gulf County Sheriff's Office has been investigating this case for three years, and after their hard work and even going door to door to develop leads, they are glad this day has come.

"We're very glad to bring closure to this for the family. Both parents have been notified and they understand what's going on."

Jackson is being held without bond, and he was taken back the state facility where he'll stay until he appears before a grand jury for indictment.

Sheriff Nugent isn't releasing a motive. He says they are still interviewing witnesses in the case.

Random Jackson will be transported from Washington County to Gulf County for his trial until he completes the remaining year of a two year sentence on drug charges. Once he serves that sentence, he will be transported to Gulf County.

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