Documents Show Martin Lee Anderson Was a Very Troubled Child

The Martin Lee Anderson case entered a new realm last week with the release of the second autopsy report. The report laid the blame for the teenager’s death on the drill instructors and a nurse at the Bay County boot camp.

Shortly after that, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush wrote to sheriff Frank McKeithen and asked him to fire the man who used to head up the Camp’s operations.

Sheriff McKeithen is refusing to fire Capt. Mike Thompson and points to new documents as the reason.

At the request of Anderson’s family, the Governor is asking that Thompson be fired. Jeb Bush told reporters he felt it was appropriate that he be removed.

But, McKeithen says Thompson has done nothing wrong.

Anderson’s mother, Gina Jones, also claims Thompson made inappropriate comments in her presence.

NewsChannel Seven obtained the documents detailing a meeting between Thompson, Ms. Jones and Martin Lee Anderson. In that meeting Gina Jones asked Capt. Thompson to enroll Anderson in the boot camp early because she couldn’t control him.

Disciplinary records from Anderson’s school, Emerald Bay Academy showed he had a history of disruptive, disrespectful and sometimes violent behavior.

Teachers claimed the 14-year-old boy talked in class and then screamed the “F” word when they asked him to be quiet.

Local Attorney Waylon Graham, who represents the boot camps second in command, Lt. Charles Helms, reviewed the documents we were able to retrieve. He says they back up the drill instructors claims that Anderson was out of control.

“These documents turn things completely around,” Graham says. “These documents support what the officers were saying the whole time. This young man was a problem child. He was out of control. He was belligerent. They were dealing with him the best way they could.”

Meanwhile, Sheriff’s McKeithen says until any evidence comes along proving Capt. Thompson did anything wrong, he won’t fire him.

We contacted the Anderson Family’s attorney for this report. His staff said they would call back with a statement, but later refused to comment.