Fox Manor

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A group of residents and former residents of a Callaway apartment complex is accusing management of racism. They say Fox Manor Apartments is trying to get rid of its black tenants.

One woman, who doesn't want to be identified, was recently evicted from the Fox Garden Apartments. She says she got into an argument with the manager of the complex for parking her U-haul on the grass. She says the argument ended with this exchange.

"It was me and a couple of other neighbors that live there. They're African-American, and as we were moving out he said that if it was up to him he wouldn't have none of us n****** living there."

The woman's former neighbor, Willie Brown, believes there's a plan to force African-Americans out of Fox Manor. Brown says she moving because she can't get maintenance to fix a leaky roof, dripping pipes and the danger of mold.

"We can't get anything fixed because there's no n****** allowed here."

She also witnessed the confrontation with the manager.

"It was two-sided thing, but the last comment from the maintenance man was we're going to get all you n****** out of here."

JRS Management is in charge of all the maintenance at the Fox Garden and Fox Manor Apartments. This is what they had to say about these harsh allegations. JRS’ vice president, Joe Sumner, personally questioned his maintenance crew about the allegations and he says the workers denied it.

Joe Sumner said, "Any person making such an allegation or making any kind of comment of a racial nature will be terminated. Most of our customers are minority. We can't afford it. It's bad for business."

And what about the condition of Willie Brown's apartment?

"If it's as you described, then yes, that's an embarrassment. It will be taken care of this afternoon."

Brown says that won't change her plans to move. JRS manages six different apartment complexes in the Bay County area.