28,000 Gun Violence Petitions Handed To Governor

TALLAHASSEE-- Richard Martinez is quick to tell you that he didn't give gun violence much thought until his 20 year old son Michael was gunned down at a Santa Barbara college just over a month ago.

Now Martinez is delivering thousands of petitions to policy makers at every level of Government.

Twenty-eight thousand were delivered to Governor Rick Scott.

“My son goes to college...and he’s dead. I didn't do anything until my son got killed, right? Well, I’m telling you, don’t wait till your kids get killed," Martinez said.

Martinez isn't alone. Erin Lafferty’s mom was the principal at Sandy Hook Elementary.

“It’s not normal for a 47 year old woman to go to work in an elementary school and not come home from work. She wasn't a marine, she wasn't a police office, she was an educator and a really good one," Lafferty said.

All together three dozen people participated. They say their effort is young and will get stronger.

“This is not going away. We’re not going anywhere," Christina Anderson of Mom's Demand Action said.

And as these survivors leave the capitol, they are leaving with the knowledge that this is a pro gun state.

Because of the 2014 legislature, gun owners who feel threatened can fire a warning shot. Kids can point their fingers like a pistol and not be expelled from school, insurance companies can;t charge you more if you own a gun, and applying for concealed weapons permits will be more convenient.

In addition to passing four gun bills, lawmakers also killed revisions to the controversial Stand Your Ground legislation. And on Wednesday, the Florida Supreme Court agreed to hear the case of a Palm Beach man who was denied the right to use Stand Your Ground as a defense.