Bike Ride Across the Country for Charity

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He grew up in a small New Jersey town. He witnessed poverty, crime, and young children with no direction. That's what motivates Mark Maund to complete this two-year, 15,000 mile bike ride across the United States and Canada.

Mark said, "No matter what we're doing in life, there's always an avenue for us to volunteer and help out. It's pretty awesome to be able to do the things I love to do and multi-task them into one project; it's something that's really neat."

Mark keeps an online journal for all to read. He posts pictures and entries of his experiences, and he's added a link to four youth charities he's raising money for: Youth Development International, Gospel for Asia, Compassion International, and Habitat for Hope.

He says this expedition is twofold; he gets to ride for charitable causes and fulfill a personal goal.

"The people I do meet, I tell them to live their dreams because with this ride, I feel like I am living a dream that I always had to do something adventurous, traveling."

Mark is riding to Destin next, then on to the west coast. He'll finish up on September 11 of 2007 at the site of the Freedom Towers in New York City.

"It's gonna make a significant impact on me because I remember going into the towers, so it's gonna be a bittersweet thing."