EMS Week

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It starts with a 9-1-1 call. Dispatch finds out the location and what's wrong with the patient. Then the ambulance takes off, not knowing what to expect, preparing for anything.

EMS week is a time to honor paramedics, but when people think of saving lives, they think of doctors, but these EMT's and paramedics are the first people on the scene and they're initial assessment can mean the difference between life and death.

The EMS personnel are usually the first persons to arrive to a scene, the first ones to provide treatment, we have a great service in our community, a great example is the 12 LED program where we're able to interpret the rhythms and a copy of it to the emergency department, it's just a vital service to our community and they do a great job.

Bay medical EMS has 6 stations throughout Bay County that respond to nearly 22,000 calls a year.

This week is a time to recognize these men and women for the job they do.

The average response time for an ambulance in Bay County is 7 minutes.