Shrink Wrap Protects Structures in Storms

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Blue tarp was the scene in years past covering storm hit homes and businesses.

But now one local company is providing a newer and improved product, shrink wrap.

Nathan Brooks, Owner of Noah's Restoration, says, “Most of the water damage we see comes after the storm, rain comes in, damages roofs, commercial and residential, and continues causing problems, so this is a measure to prevent further water damage after the initial impact."

Like the blue roof tarp, it's not a permanent fixture, but installed as emergency repair.

But unlike the blue roof tarp, the shrink wrap quality is much higher.

It's water and leak proof, and lasts about one year.

It costs about a $1.00 to $1.50 per square foot, and once contractors begin repairing the roof, it can be removed or built right on top of it.

Just another little tip for the big storms ahead and if you're interested in purchasing this shrink wrap for your roof, you can call Noah's Restoration at 522-0600.