Blountstown Key

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It's not often somebody gets the key to their city. It's even more-rare when it's a high school student, but that's the reality for a Blountstown High School athlete.

17-year-old Arsenio Ivory may be from a small town but he's already accomplishing big things and he's done it with a touchdown, a clean and jerk and a bench press

Ivory has been a starter on the football team since the end of his 9th grade year, but that just scratches the surface.

For the past three years, he has won the state weightlifting championship in 3 different weight classes all while getting it done as an honor student in the classroom.

The city has declared Tuesday Arsenio Ivory Day in Blountstown, which includes Ivory receiving the key to the city.

Blountstown football and weightlifting coach Greg Jordan says ivory is a leader in every way.

Jordan said, “They're getting to watch one of the best that ever lifted in the state right here in their own weight room. Lift and work hard everyday and he just provides a tremendous example.”

Arsenio's next stop will be the campus of Famu, but for now, it's Blountstown's turn to honor him.