Florida’s Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday Kicks off This Sunday

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State officials are hoping you’ll take advantage of the tax savings over the 12 day holiday to get your family ready for this year’s storm season. Spending a couple of bucks now could save your family a lot of stress this summer.

Lieutenant Governor Toni Jennings’ home was hit by three of Florida’s eight hurricanes over the past two years. So she was very interested in a new kind of storm-resistant window covering on display at the state Emergency Operation Center with other hurricane preparedness supplies that will be tax-free starting this Sunday.

And if you buy one of the $118 panels you could save up to nearly $9 during the 12 day sales tax holiday.

You can also save on flashlights, batteries, generators up to a thousand bucks, coolers, and an all-in-one weather radio-TV-flashlight combo for $49.95. The unit runs on a hand-crank instead of batteries you have to keep replacing.

Along with saving money on items like batteries and flashlights, safety officials hope you’ll use that savings to stock up on essentials that are already tax-free, like bottled water and non-perishable food.

State officials know four out of 10 Floridians who have the money still don’t do anything to prepare their families for potentially deadly storms. They hope the lure of saving some cash will motivate folks to take more responsibility for their own safety and comfort this hurricane season.

State officials estimate people will save $41 million in sales tax over the 12 days of the sales tax holiday. The sales tax holiday runs from May 21 through June 1.

Log onto www.floridadisaster.org for a complete list of supplies covered under the hurricane sales tax holiday.