Call-in Continues

Concerned college students are stepping up the heat on Bay County officials in the wake of the death of 14-year-old Martin Lee Anderson.

Members of the Student Coalition for Justice have been staging a phone protest all week from Florida State, Florida A & M University, and Tallahassee Community College.

They’re calling the sheriff’s office to demand the ouster of former boot camp supervisor Captain Mike Thompson.

Martin Lee Anderson died in January after guards pushed ammonia capsules up his nose while covering his mouth after the teen collapsed during exercises.

Sheriff Frank McKeithen has complained the hundreds of protest calls might disrupt emergency service, but the students like Phillip Agnew, say they want to make an important point. “He said that we were disturbing their business, and I think our daily business has been disturbed because we have to worry about whether due process and justice will be denied in the case that I believe should have been open and shut.”

“I'm not a pre-law major, but I believe when you have an ample amount of evidence, you have an ample amount of witnesses, that it's pretty open and shut. And I think they're complicating-you know disturbing their own business. They could easily take care of this case and bring those people who are guilty to justice.”

The students say they are not calling an emergency line, only an office number. The calls originally went to a receptionist, but are now being forwarded to an answering machine.

The student group thinks protesters have made at least 500 calls, including some coming in from campuses in other states.