Navy Divers Inspect Oriskany Site

Navy divers got the first underwater look at the USS Oriskany Thursday. They reported that the massive aircraft carrier made its way to the ocean floor in an upright position facing north to south.

The divers say the Oriskany's flight deck was positioned at a depth of 150 feet as the ship settled into the sand. The site is expected to be opened for recreational diving Friday afternoon.

News of the 150-foot depth of the flight deck was a disappointment to some because it put the flight deck out of range for sport divers.

Divers who go beyond the 132-foot depth must be qualified in technical diving and breathe a combination of gases to reach the extended depths.

The Navy sunk the massive Korean and Vietnam era aircraft carrier yesterday morning 24 miles off the coast of Pensacola. The position is about 70 miles almost due west from the Panama City Pass.

The ship, known as the “Mighty O” is the first warship sunk under a pilot program to dispose of old Navy vessels through reefing.