Lynn Haven Will Top the Nation's Housing Market, Some Predict

Home sale prices throughout the country seem to be following a trend. If you're housing market was hot last year, with few exceptions, now it's not.

But CNN-Money reports a handful of markets are turning buyers heads.

Forecasters predict single family home prices will rise almost 4-percent in the next year. Impressive, yes, but that's still less than this year, and well under the 10-percent annual rate of the past five years.

But CNN-Money magazine calls Bay County an " ugly-duckling" market that's turning buyers heads.

They named Panama City-Lynn Haven as the fasted projected growing area in the nation.

Forecasters say home sale prices in our area are predicted to jump by 21-percent in the upcoming year, putting Bay County above any other in the country.

Money listed the median price for a home in Panama City-Lynn Haven area at $135,000.

But local realtor John Harrell says it's more like $250,000. “Other areas have outgrown us and now there is a time where the national market is slowing down It's still showing in the Florida market. The Lynn Haven area particularly being the hottest area in Florida and its exciting for us."

Of course this is good news for realtors and property owners looking to sell. But if you're not Harrell says "hold on tight" to what you have.
Other cities money magazine spotlighted behind Bay County include Olympia, Washington...Lakeland, Florida... and Flagstaff, Arizona