Cell Phone Restrictions Enforced at Tyndall AFB

The new Department of Defense policy requiring hands-free devices for cellular phones while operating a motor vehicle on military installations became effective April 27 at most bases and is now being enforced at Tyndall Air Force Base.

Military service members, dependents, DOD-affiliated civilians and contractors driving on Tyndall AFB may receive a ticket and possibly a fine if pulled over for this offense.

The new policy applies to both Tyndall AFB proper and U.S. Highway 98 between the Dupont Bridge and Mexico Beach.

Civilians driving on U.S. Highway 98 will not be ticketed specifically for this offense because only Florida state law is enforced for civilian personnel using the U.S. Highway 98 right-of-way.

Presently, the state of Florida does not have a law requiring the use of hands-free devices for cellular phones while operating motor vehicles. However, all personnel are encouraged to use hands-free devices with cellular phones while driving. Civilians are subject to ticketing and possible fines for other traffic code violations.

Vehicle operators without a hands-free device are asked to park the vehicle before using the phone or delay the phone call until a later time.