Panhandle Preacher Dies at Age 96

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He has been nicknamed "The Panhandle Pastor" by preachers in the community.

Many are mourning the death of Brother Si Mathison, after he died Saturday night at age 96, but some see the silver lining in this cloud.

Doug Pennington, senior pastor, said, "The great thing about it is, he got to worship God in person whereas the rest of us were stuck in churches, so it's a great day for him, and yet a sad day for the rest of us."

For 40 years, Brother Si prayed over chamber commerce meetings, hosted prayer meetings for businesses, and preached from a different pulpit every Sunday.

He recently moved to Montgomery, Alabama after a hip and shoulder injury made his family want him to come home.

Saturday night, he died.

He leaves behind thousands of fans, who in some way say they are better people because of Brother Si's guidance.

Pastor Ron Ball, Woodlawn United Methodist, said, "It's our loss, but it's his gain; and I'm happy that he knew Jesus and now knows him better than he's ever known him before."

Brother Si has fulfilled every debt and more to this community and we sure will miss him.

Visitation services for Brother Si will be at the First Methodist Church, Wednesday from noon to 2 p.m., and the funeral will begin immediately afterward.

Everyone is welcome to attend.