Second Day of Hurricane Tax Break Is Busy

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Take a stroll down the hurricane relief isle at your local home goods store and you may be relieved at the prices.

No taxes will be collected on things like batteries, generators, and flashlights until June 1.

Many people are taking advantage of this tax break, while shelves are still stocked.

Scott Norman, Bay Co. Resident, said, "Through the hurricane season last year, I was always borrowing generators from my neighbors or borrowing cords off their generators, so this year, being tax free and all, I thought, well I'll go ahead and buy a generator while there's no tax on it, so that's the only reason I'm here today is to buy a generator and take advantage of the tax free situation."

Gov. Jeb Bush signed legislation authorizing this second annual 12-day sales tax holiday.

It's part of his plan to instill a "culture of preparedness" in Florida.

He says prepared citizens are better equipped to provide for the safety of their families, reduce storm damage, and recover more quickly from a disaster.

Managers at the local home goods stores say things have been extra busy these past couple of days, even busier than the kick-off campaign, from last year.

The tax does not apply to clothing, books, or school supplies. The tax that does apply to school supplies is the school supply holiday which comes up in July.