Washington County Murder

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Authorities in Washington County say the man who reported a murder Saturday is now the same one being charged with it.

Forty-six-year-old Everett Newcomb was arrested Monday night and Tuesday morning made first appearance for the murder of 80-year-old Arline Payne.

News Channel 7's Jason Davis talked to Payne’s family. They say her kind heart may have led to her death.

Relatives say 80-year-old Arline Payne opened her home to 46-year-old Everett Newcomb eight years ago. They also say he was a man with a troubled past.

“Just a God loving Christian person who wanted to help and she tried for eight years to help him,” explains Lynwood Roberts.

It was a mission that sheriff's investigators now say cost her her life.

The home where Arline Payne lived is also the place where investigators found her lying face down in a pool of blood Saturday morning.

Newcomb called authorities to the Floyd place home Saturday morning. Inside investigators found Payne's body. She'd reportedly been stabbed and beaten to death. They also say they found physical evidence that led them to Newcomb.

Newcomb has been in trouble with the law most of his life. This first arrest came in 1969.

“The suspect does have an extensive criminal history battery on law enforcement officers and some other violent issues,” says Washington County Sheriff Bobby Haddock.

Roberts says Newcomb tried to choke him several years ago, but his mother refused to turn her back on Newcomb.

What hurts Lynnwood Roberts and the rest of Arline Payne's family is to see her good deed end in her brutal death. Investigators say they found the murder weapon at the scene, but won't say what it was, nor have the released a motive for the murder.