Mayor's Request for Public Records Money Denied

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DeGeorge asked to be reimbursed $150 to pay for the cost of a public records request.

Several weeks ago a local online newspaper requested e-mails involving city business.

Apparently DeGeorge used her personal computer for the e-mail exchange. To fulfill the request, DeGeorge claims she had to hire someone to extract the files. She hired her former campaign manager and billed the city.

Commissioners denied the $150 request, and then DeGeorge fired back the board members and the media for reporting what she called political attacks against her.

"All of this political retaliation is a quest of a few people within this city to try and discourage me. It is an insidious attack and they are wasting their time. It usually comes back to haunt them and it will not discourage me,” says Panama City Mayor Lauren DeGeorge.

DeGeorge is about halfway through a two-year term.