School Board Discusses Food Prices and New Principals

Bay County School Board members have some good news for you. Your child's school meal prices won't go up next year.

Food Service Director Karen Blackwell says, luckily, increased fuel prices haven't affected food delivery charges. This means the district won't have to up prices for next year.

The cost of breakfast for elementary students will remain at 75 cents with middle and high schools charging $1. Lunch prices will also stay the same ranging between $1.75 and $3.

In other action at this week’s school board meeting, school board members also approved the nomination of Sandra Harrison as the new principal of Deane Bozeman School and Kathleen Schmidt as the principal of Lucille Moore School.

Harrison is now the supervisor of staff development for the district and Schmidt is the assistant principal at Patronis Elementary. Harrison and Schmidt are replacing Lucille Moore's principal, Kathy Kidd, and Bozeman's principal, Bob Thomas. Both retired this year.