Local ME Under Fire

Bay County's medical examiner, who ruled that a teen struck by guards died of a blood disorder, is accused of covering up an alleged 1977 beating by police officers.

In a complaint filed with the state, family members say Dr. Charles Siebert covered up the death of Michael Niesen. The doctor ruled that Niesen suffered injuries in a car accident and not in the beating.

The ME is facing a similar accusation by Martin Anderson's family. He's the 14-year-old boy who died last January after collapsing at a juvenile boot camp.

Siebert stands by his findings and says the accusations made against him are untrue.

A second autopsy performed by another medical examiner concluded Anderson died of suffocation.

Another woman claims Siebert botched an autopsy when her daughter and husband died in a September 2004 tornado.

The families urge Florida's medical examiner’s commission to revoke Siebert's license.