Larry Bolinger's Position Up in the Air

It seems there may be some changes in the principal’s position at Bay High School just one year after Larry Bollinger was brought in to turn the school around.

Bollinger and two of his administrative assistants won't be coming back to Bay High next year, and the announcement left many in shock.

Bay District Superintendent James MacCalister notified Bolliger Thursday morning that his contract for next year won't be renewed.

Stunned and confused facility, staff and parents held a grassroots calling around noon Thursday to show support for their administration that pulled Bay High from a D school last year to what many are confident will be a B school this year.

Susan Fuder is a Bay High reading teacher and said, "We've seen discipline be better and morale better. In the petition stated all the facts and requested the superintendent allow the current administration remain so they can continue to make this transformation."

Late Thursday the school board office told NewsChannel Seven the list of administrative recommendations for next year is finalized Thursday and Bolinger's name is on there as a principal, but right now we don't know what school he's being recommended for.

Bolinger and MacCalister declined comment Thursday.