Jeb Plans to Sign Doggie Dining Bill

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Jeb Bush is going to the dogs. He’s planning to sign into law a bill that would allow man’s best friend to accompany you to your favorite outdoor restaurant.

Dog lovers are lapping up the idea of taking Fido out for a little fine dining.

Sadie could soon be your dinner companion under legislation awaiting the governor’s signature. Don’t worry; she’s friendly, just a little camera shy.

Owner Savannah Barnes loves the idea of taking Sadie with her to a dog-friendly café.

“There would be problems, but if you’re around people who love their dogs, like you do, then they’d understand. Just like babies. Babies, you take those to restaurants and they’re a big pain in the butt but if there are other moms around you, then it doesn’t matter because they all understand, you know?”

You’ll often see pet-friendly accommodations at outdoor restaurants, although it’s not technically allowed. This bill would give local governments the final say. With all the pet lovers out there, many restaurants see it as a smart business move. But dog owners would have to meet strict rules like leashing and cleaning up after their pets.

Jeb Bush says he plans to sign the doggie dining bill into law this week, and although much of the legislation that hits his desk is about serious stuff, this one actually makes him smile.

“Having a brewski in a beer garden or having a hamburger with your favorite dog on the weekend, as long as it’s done in a way that the ordinances are created, I mean, there’s a legitimate reason for this, but it’s also fun.”

And just think, you won’t have to lug home a doggie bag.

The governor says he plans to sign the doggie dining bill Friday. The legislation would allow local communities to take up the issue as soon as July.