Orkin Investigation

If you’ve ever had a problem with the Orkin man, now is the time to speak up.

Attorney General Charlie Crist says the pest control company has been under investigation because consumers complained that the firm never did a proper inspection, failed to kill killed the termites at their home, or that repairs paid for by the company were substandard.

Attorney General Charlie Crist says it’s been a two pronged probe.

“There’s an investigation that continues. It started about two years ago based on two premises; number one that they weren’t killing the termites they were contracted to kill, and then secondarily that the repair work they contracted to have done was done in a shoddy fashion."

"So we need to make sure that if there are people out there who believe that they have that problem with Orkin, please call the attorney general’s office.”

If you’ve had a problem with Orkin, the toll-free number to call is 1-866-9 NO SCAM (1-866-966-7226). Termites are big business in the Sunshine State, costing Floridians about $500 million each year.

Crist says they are trying to hammer out a settlement with the Atlanta based company.