Blind Bike Builder

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Wallace Daniel loves his bike. He put together a mini chopper, like the ones you see on TV, with his bare hands, but the significance behind this man's story is he's blind.

An accident left him with only three percent of his vision. Daniel works on the bike inside because he can't see anything in the sun. So why would he take on such a major task? Because people told him he couldn't do it.

"I started working on this mini chopper because, first off, my neighbor said that it couldn't be done because I was blind, and I don't like taking no for an answer."

Another important factor in Daniel's decision to build the bike is awareness. He says there's not much help for the blind in Bay County, and maybe this will help bring attention to his cause.

"There isn't a chapter in Bay County for the National Federation of the Blind and Division of Blind Services, so this is my little way of building a motorcycle and saying I can do the same thing as a normal sighted person can."

All proceeds from the sale of this mini chopper will go to Independent for the Blind, but that's not the only reason this bike was built.

"Whatever you can do, I can do it better; that's my attitude."

Looks, and attitude. This beauty is an inspirational story that's just beginning. If anyone is interested in purchasing that mini chopper, you can contact Wallace Daniel at 265-3877.