Destin Worries About Hurricane Protection

The two miles of beach in Destin that would have seen nourishment won't be seeing it any time soon. Well, at least not until the first week of October that is.

The beach nourishment project has been shut down because too many sea turtles have been killed in the project. This is leaving some of the beach at higher risk this hurricane season, and some of the properties facing the water in Destin could have used some nourishment.

Destin officials say they have done everything they could to get that portion of beach nourished. Now, Destin Mayor Craig Barker says their just waiting to see what happens this hurricane season.

"Most of the upland structures in Destin are in great peril. The beaches are so critically eroded that there’s just not really a lot of protection left for those structures. In addition, unfortunately, the turtles won't have any beaches to nest on this year it's really an unfortunate circumstance all the way around."

The project finished nearly 77 percent of Walton County beaches before it was shut down by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.