Minister Alliance Is Protesting Tunnell's State Attorney Job

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"We want him gone. We want him gone now."

They're talking about Guy Tunnell, and their timeline is pretty obvious.

The Bay County Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance gathered in front of the state attorney's office to voice their complaints surrounding the hiring of Guy Tunnell.

They say many factors have led to this press conference from the 1995 Eric Henley shooting by sheriff’s deputies to the recent Martin Lee Anderson boot camp death.

Bishop Richard Cox said, "The same Guy Tunnell refused to talk to the black community then we he was the sheriff. He's a part of the good ‘ole boy system in Bay County. He feels he can treat black people and minorities any way they want to treat them."

This group is holding a memorial tribute for Martin Anderson, and then a march starting at City Hall to Tommy Oliver Stadium. The alliance says they won't rest until Tunnell is terminated.

"I stand with these preachers to make sure that justice will prevail and they won't sweep Martin Anderson's case under the table. Guy Tunnell is a renegade with a John Wayne mentality in law enforcement, and he should be gone."

The memorial will begin Friday at 7:00 at the Greater Bethel Church and the march will begin at 9 a.m. in front of City Hall. The state attorney's office refused to comment on this issue.