Fox Manor Trash

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Two weeks ago we shared the story of several Callaway apartment complex residents who claimed the management practiced racial discrimination and poor maintenance practices.

Friday night, some of those residents are complaining again. This time it's about garbage piling up. They say the whole situation stinks.

Keith January, a Fox Garden resident, said, "This is just another trash can amongst the four that are here. It's just atrocious."

Keith January lives at Fox Garden apartments in Callaway. He says when you walk out of your front door you’re greeted with the stench of overflowing dumpsters that haven't been emptied for weeks.

"Two weeks worth of non-pickup and it's steadily getting worse, steadily getting smellier. It's appalling."

Kendrell Hawkins says he's embarrassed living in a place that smells like a dumpsite.

Kendrell said, "My family come over, my friends, they don't even see it at night. When they come over, they get out of their cars and they can smell it."

You can see it and you can smell it. With the garbage stacked about seven feet high, why won't the management company simply have it picked up? When we spoke to Joe Sumner several weeks ago about previous complaints. He told us he'd look into them immediately, which he apparently did. This time, Sumner says he has a reasonable excuse for the garbage piles.

Joe Sumner said, "We missed a day for the Memorial Day holiday. We also had quite a few evictions for units we had to clean out, and of course some of the neighborhood people use our dumpsters for trash too. It will be taken care of today."

The folks that live here say the faster the trash is picked up the better the neighborhood will smell. We contacted a resident at the Fox Garden Apartments. They tell us that the garbage still has not been picked up.