Family and Friends Remember Three-Year-Old Missing Girl

The three-year-old Morrow, Georgia girl, who went missing while swimming at the jetties at St. Andrew State Park a week ago, was remembered in a memorial service this weekend.

Her family and friends held the memorial at the state park at the site she was last seen. The candlelight vigil celebrated the short life of Jewel Locklear Strong.

The three-year-old has not been forgotten and is still on the minds of many people.

She was last seen on a rubber raft with her 18-year-old cousin from Marianna in the kiddie pool area of the park when the current swamped the raft and tossed them into the water.

The 18-year-old girl was rescued by a local fisherman, but no one could find the three-year-old as she was swept under by the strong current.

Authorities have still not found the three-year-old after a week of search. The family says it is still praying for a miracle.

Rev. Darryl Stanley said the pictures of the three-year-old, which were displayed at the site where disappeared, were meant as comfort for the family. But he said, “It also should remind each of us to look at out children tonight. Hug them a little tighter and tell them we love them a little more. Tell them everything will be all right.”