Acres Burn in Fountain Area

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Many residents living in the Fountain area, watched in horror, as another fire swept through their area.

Dozens, under a mandatory evacuation, could not get through police lines, to even see if their homes had been hit.

Harold Casey, under mandatory evacuation, said, "Well, I don't want to lose it, I'd like to be down there with a water hose putting it out right now...”

Donald Beebe, Fountain resident, said, "Well, I wasn't too scared the other day b/c I was a few miles away, but I have some real concerns today; I told my family we may have to move."

Officials say the fire began when a man was burning pine cones in his backyard off of Timbercrest Road.

They say the wind got a hold of the fire, and spread it to his camping trailer, and ultimately his vehicle.

That's when it carried on to the nearby woods.

Everyone living on Dickerson Road has been told to evacuate, as well as some homes along Timbercrest Road.

Officials say this fire could have been prevented, but they're not looking into pressing charges just yet.

Cpt. Ricky Ramie, said, "It's pretty evident people should not be burning right now, it's dry, it's all over the news about how dry conditions are, but this guy's suffered enough loses right now as far as his vehicle and camping trailer; it's one of those things, when people are telling you not to burn you need to heed to the warning."

The Bay County Fire Department Division of Forestry and the Sheriff's Office have been on scene since the fire broke early Sunday afternoon.

They'll continue working until the blaze is completely under control.

Bearcreek and the Youngstown Fire Departments have set up shelters for evacuees at the Youngstown Fire Department.