Fire Blazes On, Officials Working All Night

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"We lost this, and then we lost, and then we lost the camper trailer back there."

As Emmons Crawley runs off a list of items lost in Sunday's blaze, he can't help but be thankful his home wasn't destroyed, which is more than he can say for his neighbor's, whose mobile home was demolished by the flames.

Fire officials say they did everything they could to salvage as much as possible.

Lt. Billy Writch with Bay County Fire Services said, "We used all our water resource that we had available, and then we found the pool here, so we pulled the water out of the pool and used it to save the home."

Firefighters saved Crawley's home, but he says he suffered a great loss.

Emmons Crawley said, "We lost some hogs and goats and our big shop; they burnt up in the fire."

Fire officials worked late into Sunday night and early Monday morning, trying to contain the blaze, but more than 150 acres of land are scorched, and small fires continue to break out.

Corey Wilson, forest area supervisor, said, "Bay County Fire Rescue sent four brush trucks and two tankers. The Division of Forestry rangers are back in here this morning with four dozers and they're on lines, hot spotting all of the major areas to keep anything from breaking out; we have a wind this morning that's causing some containment problems."

Fire officials are staying on scene until the threat of any flare-ups is put down. Bay County commissioners are meeting Tuesday to decide whether to enact a burn ban for the area.