FHP Females

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The Florida Highway Patrol is looking for more women to join their ranks.

The agency has 1,650 troopers, but only 12 percent of them are women. The Panama City district, which covers six counties, has a similar ratio, but that's something local officials they want to change.

They say females are a great attribute to the force.

"Females are a great resource that we have; there are a lot of areas that they do good in like child restraint, or they make great traffic homicide investigators, they with the public or the mourning families very well; they're a great asset to our department."

FHP held a job fair in Orlando last month specifically designed to attract women. About 41 women showed up, but the Panama City district says it's focused on recruiting women since the 70's.

As the state of Florida grows, so does the Florida Highway Patrol, but they're not only looking for females to become officers; they want to continue a history of diversity.

"This campaign is designed to get as many qualified people as we can to try to join the Florida Highway Patrol. Florida is a growing state, so that's why our department has to grow with it, so that's why we're trying to recruit not only females, but other minorities."

The problem isn't just limited to the state of Florida. Experts say law enforcement agencies throughout the country are seeing lower numbers in their female ranks.

For more information on employment opportunities at the Florida Highway Patrol, visit their Web site at www.fhp.state.fl.us.