First Electric Companies, Now it's Ma Bell's Turn

Officials from Florida's major phone companies appeared in Tallahassee this week to tell state regulators how they're preparing for the next batch of hurricanes.

The Public Service Commission met with the phone company reps on day six of the 2006 Atlantic hurricane season.

PSC spokesman Kevin Bloom says they went over some of the basics like making sure phone lines aren't tangled up in trees before the storm.

"You've got to clean lines. You've got to make sure there's nothing to impair those lines when the winds start to blow. You want to make sure there are plans in place for when the power does go off. They know exactly how they're going about the work of reconstructing the network."

In addition to addressing the current season's efforts, the PSC has required investor-owned phone utilities like Verizon, Bellsouth and Sprint to file long-term plans on hurricane preparedness efforts.