Col. Day Looks at Haditha Marines

It appears an area man may be getting involved in the cases of eight U.S. Marines accused by some of killing 24 Iraqi civilians last November.

While the military continues its investigation into the Haditha massacre, Ft. Walton Beach attorney and retired Air Force Colonel George “Bud” Day is considering a request to defend the Marines.

The military is trying to find out if 24 Iraqi civilians shot last November were killed in self-defense or murdered in cold blood.

Colonel Day is trying to make sure these young men receive proper treatment, as well as someone to watch over their rights.

“I have been contacted to try to sort out whether or not there is a need for civilian council as opposed to military council."

Not only could Day represent these Marines, but he is also gathering the evidence about the case to help make sure they are properly defended.

But gathering the information he needs is becoming extremely difficult.

"Everyone involved in this investigation is keeping this information very close to their vests, and I'm concerned about why and I want to make sure that the marines are well represented."

Day has a good idea of how war works. He was held prisoner of war for 67 months during the Vietnam War. After his release Congress presented him with the Medal of Honor.

He knows how dangerous Iraq is and understands that these Marines must make decisions regarding life or death within seconds.

"I am concerned about their individual rights just as much as I am concerned with a civilian becoming a casualty. Iraq is a dangerous place, and if Marines are being shot at I expect they be shooting back. It’s extremely unfortunate that people may be casualties of war."

The investigation is ongoing and none of the Marines have been formally charged.