Panama City Beach Condos in the Works

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Enjoy your last burger and beer at one of the only Hooters actually on the beach, because in the coming months it will be replaced with a full-service resort, with about 1,700 second homes and condominiums.

Kent Petersmeyer of Sterling Companies said, "The most important thing is we want people to understand it's a great value, it's a big idea, it's not just a condo on the beach, it's much bigger than that. And we refer to it so that people get it, as the next generation beach resort."

The "C" resort, named like the letter "C," will offer an all-inclusive resort with beachfront access, street shopping, dining, entertainment, and a water park.

It will also offer overhead gondola rides that offer a bird's eye view of the beaches. Groundbreaking for this project is scheduled to begin this winter, and phase one is expected to open in 2009.

The Next Generation Beach Resort will cost anywhere from $250,000 to $3 million. To vacationers, it is a destination hot spot.

Developers assure us that it will become the next generation of beach resorts.

"It's not a timeshare, it's not interval, I don't even want to call it fractional. It's a terrific product for people that can't get to the destination more than a few times a year."

The name "C" symbolizes the light and airy appeal this resort is trying to achieve. To read more about this condominium project, you can log onto