2nd Suspect in Boston Bombing is in Custody

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After a door-to-door manhunt in the Boston Suburb of Watertown Friday night, police captured 19 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the two suspects in Monday's bombings at the Boston Marathon.

He was found outside in a sport fishing boat parked in a residential neighborhood.

Tsarnaev's 26 year old brother, Tamerlan, was killed overnight during a firefight with police.

Prior to the battle, the brothers shot and killed a college police officer, carjacked an SUV and threw explosives at Cambridge and Watertown police officers.

A second officer was critically wounded in that shoot-out.

Authorities locked-down a large section of the Boston Metro area Friday as they searched for Tsarnaev.

The suspect managed to elude police until Friday evening, when neighbors reported seeing someone hiding in the boat.

Authorities confirmed Tsarveav was covered in blood and had been shot.

But they don't know if the wounds came from Thursday night's shoot out or if he was wounded during his arrest Friday night.

He's been taken to a Boston hospital for treatment.

Resident broke into spontaneous celebrations as word spread of the arrest.

Boston officials made a point of remembering the victims of the bombings and shootings this week and said successful completion of tonight's operation was the result of total cooperation between local, state and federal agencies.