3 New Members Appointed to Bay Medical Center Board of Trustees

PANAMA CITY - The Bay Medical Center Board of Trustees will have three new members, including one of Bay County's commissioners.

Commissioners unanimously approved George Gainer, Olivia Cooley, and Scott Barloga to fill the empty seats on the board. Gainer abstained from voting on his seat.

Previously the county commission was under fire for appointing Gainer from the Bay Health Foundation. There was confusion as to whether the county had the authority to do that.

Gainer says one of his top priorities as a member of the board will be to protect the hospital's pension fund.

"We felt like we should have one of us on the board so that we can keep up and regulate and whatever we need to do to report back to the board the ongoing conditions of the pension," said Gainer.

Gainer says if the pension ran out of money, Bay County taxpayers would then become liable for it.