3 Panama City Criminal Cases Remain In Limbo

The trials for 3-high profile Bay County defendants are indefinitely in limbo because they've been deemed "mentally/physically unable to stand trial".

The most recent case involved Lynn Haven resident Gary Wesley Tennyson. He is charged with murder for allegedly killing his pregnant wife and stuffing her body in a storage shed.

Authorities were about to pick-up Tennyson in May for mental evaluation when the murder occurred.

A judge cited his psychiatric evaluations as the reason for sending Tennyson to the State Mental Hospital in Chattahoochee last week.

I another local case, Quanzda Hillsman is also in Chatthoochee for treatment.

Hillsman allegedly molested a girl on the Oscar Patterson Elementary School campus this summer.

His mother worked at Patterson School in Panama City when the attack on the young girl happened.

This is not Hillsman's first trip to the state hosptial. He was confined there several years ago instead of facing trial for an unrelated sexual battery.

And in the third case, it's doubtful that Geraldine Shockley will ever go on trial for allegedly murdering an elderly Panama City Beach woman she was taking care of 3-years ago.

The 81 year old Shockley allegedly drained the 94 year old victim's bank account then killed her.

Shockley is currently in poor health in an Alabama nursing home.
Prosecutors have closed the manslaughter case against her.

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