Will Burn Ban Stop Fireworks?

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Bay County Fire Chief Mark Bowen says the ordinance doesn't specifically address the sale and safe use of fireworks, but he says dry conditions make it unsafe to use fireworks.

If you do set off fireworks, be aware if you start a fire that gets out of control; you will be responsible for the cost of suppressing the blaze, a fee Bowen says can quickly reach tens of thousands of dollars.

Right now it's still a little early to say for sure if fireworks will be allowed on the Forth of July or not.

Mark Bowen, Bay County Fire Chief, said, "We have seen in the past the state do an outright ban on fireworks unless they're done by a professional company. It's still a little to early to say because hopefully we'll have some rain."

The last time the state banned fireworks for the Forth of July was in 1999. Even if the state bans fireworks, the 4th of July festivities in Bay County will still go on.

Officials say a ban wouldn't affect professionally sponsored fireworks show like the ones you see on the beach.