Grand Ridge Sewer

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As change comes to any area, there's always a give and take. That's the case with the town of Grand Ridge, and a proposed sewer treatment plant and spray field. Infrastructure means progress, but not all progress is welcomed.

After months of site surveys and public debate the town of Grand Ridge is ready to move forward with plans for a waste water treatment plant and an irrigation spray field.

J.R. Moneyham, Grand Ridge Town Manager, said, "For the last few months, we've been doing additional investigations on sites."

The town has its eyes set on four different sites, but Moneyham says the prime location is 300 or so acres east of town in the Cypress area on Church Road.

"The site would be to the western portion of the property. The distance is approximately a mile back, so it's fairly isolated."

Grand Ridge is built in a low lying area, making it prone to septic backups, so some longtime residents are welcoming the change.

Ducky Johnson, a Grand Ridge resident, says, "I'm all for it. The city of Grand Ridge has had sewer problems with the septic tanks for the last 40 years."

Others aren't quite as enthused. People from neighboring communities say they understand the benefits of infrastructure and that there must be progress. They just don't want it in there back yard.

Jeremy Branch, a Jackson County resident, said, "The negative, of course, is the devalued property that some us are going to experience if there's a sewage treatment facility and spray field located near our homes. We would just like to see the city of Grand Ridge insure that they choose a site as close to their city limits as possible."

Grand Ridge did explore the idea of connecting their town sewer system with the neighboring city of Sneads as part of a "government utility authority," but Sneads city council officials voted against that idea back in January.

When the system is complete it will initially serve over 400 customers.