Apalachicola River Running Dry

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The water level for the Apalachicola River in Blountstown registered at just under two and a half feet Thursday. That’s 11 feet lower than this time last year.

Don Harris has been selling fishing supplies along the Apalachicola River for years. He says this year's low water levels are keeping fishermen out of his store and their boats on land.

Don Harris said, "Well, they're very concerned over it by the fact that you're not going to be able to launch a boat."

Some people are blaming the state of Georgia for the low water levels. They say state officials there have been dipping too much water out of the Chattahoochee River, which feeds the Apalachicola.

Less water flowing downstream means less water at the Jim Woodruff Dam.

Georgia state officials say if they release more water from their dams, to help out with the low river levels here, then they'll create their own water shortage at home.

"If they were taking no water out would we have a higher level there? Probably," said Sonny O'Bryan, Calhoun Co. Emergency Manager.

But O’Bryan says the real culprit is a lack of rain fall. “If we don't get a substantial amount of rain between now and August, we're going to be in real trouble."

The last time the river was this low during June was back in 2004, the same year the river reached a record low water of 0.0.

O’Bryan says when water levels get this low it affects a lot more than just the river.

"As the river goes down you shallow wells and shallow wells dry up," said O'Bryan.