Eglin Developed Bombs Kill Terrorist Leader

One of the world's most wanted terrorists came down, thanks to a little inside help, a fair bit of intelligence work, a couple of detoured fighter jets and some help from an area Air Force base.

U.S. forces killed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Thursday in Iraq.

Al-Zarqawi was the self-proclaimed leader of Al-Qaida in Iraq and was credited with masterminding several deadly terror attacks.

An al-Zarqawi insider helped identify and track the terrorist to a modest home northeast of Baghdad.

U.S. officials diverted two F-16s from another mission. One of the jets dropped a 500-pound Paveway-2 laser guided bomb on the house. The other dropped a 500-pound J-Dam GPS guided bomb.

Both bombs were developed and tested in Eglin Air Force Base's weapons program.

The Paveway-2 was developed during the Vietnam War, and was a key weapon during Operation Desert Storm.

The Air Force released video of the actual attack, taken from a wing-mounted camera on one of the F-16s. It shows both bombs were a direct hit.

Authorities sifted through the rubble of the farm house and found al-Zarqawi's body. But U.S. officials say they will perform a DNA test to make a positive identification within a few days.