Adios, Alberto

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Florida officials are breathing a collective sigh of relieve that Tropical Storm Alberto apparently did only minimal damage as it made landfall Tuesday afternoon.

Outside the state Emergency Operation Center in Tallahassee, Tropical Storm Alberto dumped a steady rain. While inside, members of the response team checked on local communities.

The answer, pretty good. There were scattered reports of damage and local flooding, but obvious relief that the storm wasn’t worse.

Although Alberto has not turned out to be a major problem, no one here is apologizing for the major mobilization of state resources.

Jeb Bush says he’d rather be accused of doing too much than not enough.

"We’re going to be prepared. A storm of this magnitude could have strengthened and could have created serious hardship for a whole lot of people."

And we’re not totally out of the woods yet. State Emergency Management Director Craig Fugate says the hours after a storm tend to be the most deadly.

"When people don’t heed the advice of the officials to stay out of flooded areas and stay away from downed power lines, people can lose their lives."

So the state’s message is still use caution and stay safe, and be glad we got lucky for a change.