Appeals Court Rejects Outlaw Killer's Appeal

The man who ran his truck through a group of Outlaws Motorcycle Club members three years ago at Panama City Beach won't be getting any relief from the courts.

The First District Court of Appeals, unanimously and without comment, upheld the convictions and sentences of Timmy Pilgreen.

He is the Arkansas man who had a dispute with the outlaws at the county pier and then ran over a group of them with his truck on Front Beach Road. Two bikers were killed and four were seriously injured.

His Bay County trial jury found Pilgreen guilty on two counts of first degree murder and four counts of attempted first degree murder. Judge Don Sirmons handed him two consecutive life terms, plus 30 years.

His Public Defender told NewsChannel Seven he can’t recall any glaring mistakes that would have led to any successful appeal. He said Pilgreen simply wanted to exercise his right to an appeal.