Dothan Sheriff's Race

Rather than continue the election fight, Houston County Democratic challenger Eddie Ingram says he will concede.

One week after the primary election, the Houston County sheriff's race is over.

Ingram lost to the incumbent, Sheriff Lamar Glover. After ballots were counted election night Ingram trailed by three votes. Then after a dozen absentee ballots were added, Glover's lead was pushed to 12 votes.

Initially, it was thought a recount would be automatic and state elections were interpreted to mean Ingram would have to pay for the recount.

He said after the Houston County Commission set a recount cost he collected donations to pay for it, but Ingram said numerous roadblocks forced him to throw in the towel.

The Republican Party in Dothan can still pick a candidate to oppose Glover in the November general elections. The GOP's only candidate to qualify died last month from natural causes.