Panama City Police Investigating Albritton Case

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State attorney Steve Meadows fired 39-year-old Richard Albritton III yesterday.

On September 27th Albritton's SUV backed into a parked vehicle in the 200 block of Harrison Avenue, then left the scene. Originally police say they found the SUV abandoned in the parking loot of the Taco Bell on West 23rd Street several hours later.

Capt. Robert Colbert now says two officers found Albritton in the drive-through at Taco Bell, passed out behind the wheel of the SUV only 13 minutes after the hit and run.

Apparently the officers were unaware of the wreck and allowed someone to come pick up Albritton and take him home.

Albritton has not been charged in connection with the case. Colbert says the department is investigating that, as well as the way the two officers handled the incident.

He says the investigations should be complete within a few days, and he expects criminal charges will be filed.

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