Is Bay High's Magnet Program in Danger?

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Bay High's magnet program offers students a career path while still in high school. Full time magnet students must be accepted into specialized law, drama and culinary arts curriculum.

But recently the school has decided to open some of the classes to students who want to take them as electives. That's caused some concern for some involved with the program.

Former magnet coordinator Kathy Barr e-mailed Superintendent James McCalister saying opening magnet classes to anyone who wishes to take them with out an application, audition or interview could be detrimental to the programs success.

She went on to say this may draw more students to the magnet program, but not necessarily more full-time students.

Now Bay High has asked the school board to approve funding for a full time magnet coordinator.

Danzey says it is possible to run a successful magnet program without a full-time coordinator. There are 112 new students registered for the magnet program this upcoming year, bringing the total to 410.