Mexico Beach Crosswalks

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This past March, an elderly couple was hit by a car and killed while crossing U.S. 98 in Mexico Beach. Since then, the Florida Department of Transportation has installed five crosswalks in the area.

Crossing the street in Mexico Beach is easier, and the city isn't done yet.

It might look like a game of Frogger, but it's the reality when trying to cross Highway 98 in Mexico Beach.

"Ninety five percent of the people will stop at these crosswalks, but before the crosswalks were put in it was hit or miss. You had to shoot the gap to cross the street."

Mexico Beach's population of around 1,200 jumps to more than 10,000 on any given weekend this time of year. City officials say safety is always a concern.

The crosswalks have been modified since they were first installed back in April.

Bob Ginsberg, City Councilman Group 5, said, "We now have cross pad lines that that are even more identifiable with high highly reflective paint, so our feeling is that this should help safety for families and our citizens as well."

But traffic safety is a two way street. Not every pedestrian uses the crosswalks and not every driver obeys the green signs.

"Drivers have to be educated as well that when they're coming through Mexico Beach and you see this bright green sign, there could be citizens or tourist or people crossing the street."

Many hope that these crosswalks are just the start of making Mexico Beach a safer place for folks trying to get to the other side.

Charles Smith, a motel owner, said, "It hasn't slowed anybody down yet, but at least they put one out here, which it should be a red light out here also. But I guess it's in the future."

For now, drivers should slow down and respect the crosswalks. FDOT officials have verbally committed to visit Mexico Beach next Thursday to make further adjustments to the crosswalks.