Phone Service for Low Income Families

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A national program to assist low income families get telephone service is available in Florida. The Life Line Service gives qualified families an opportunity to get discount home phone and cell phone service.

The program was started to give anyone who's already on a government assisted program, like Medicaid or food stamps, an opportunity to afford a phone.

If you are not on a government assisted program, the Florida Public Service Commission has also made the service available based on income.

The PSC has been working with national phone companies like Sprint and Verizon in the program.

In their "Link Up" Program you can get a home phone connected with a 50% rebate up to $30, and the "Lifeline" Program can discount your home phone bill up to $13.50 a month.

The cell phone program has just expanded as well, offering a new prepaid wireless partnership with Safe Link Wireless, which gives you 68 minutes a month free, and a free cell phone.

The PSC says the program was set up to make sure everyone can afford phone service.

Beverly Demello of the Public Service Commission says, “In today's world, if you don't have a phone that's terrible because you cannot get linked up to your doctor, or your child's school, so everybody needs a phone. We found that more than six percent of Florida’s households do not have a phone, so recently we went out to promote the “Lifeline” and “Link Up” programs. What we're hoping this does is give discount phone service to those who need it most."

To see if you qualify you can contact the Public Service Commission at 1-800-342-3552 and, or visit one of these websites to sign up:



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